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Why Roofing Insulation is Important


Why Roofing Insulation is Important

That added protection on your roof isn’t just for the wintertime. We are talking about insulation and why it is essential year-round. The different types of roofing and insulation material vary, but all are virtually used for the same purpose. Whether it’s your loft or deck surface space that requires it, your roof insulation project is just steps away from becoming a must-have home installment.


Saves energy and money

When your roof doesn’t have insulation, it will most likely show on your energy bill. That is because insulation works as a vent from the cold and warm weather. It traps heat from escaping in the wintertime and locks in coolness in the summer. You will save energy and money, especially with metal roof’s ability to resist wear. Increasing energy efficiency is the number one reason why people choose to insulate their roofs.


Prevents condensation/mold

Moisture that is trapped under your roof can cause condensation and mold problems. Roofing insulation is important because it keeps the temperature at bay and helps prevent these problems from occurring. You will also physically notice the change once the insulation is installed. The air quality of your home will improve as it eliminates any pollutants as well.


Helps control temperature

Besides the importance of energy savings, roof insulation helps control the temperature throughout the space. It regulates and reduces the loss of heat that otherwise would not be possible without it. The transferring of the heat does its justice around the wintertime with the help of insulation. This way, your space will not overheat, nor will heat escape through your roof.  In the summertime, the heat is reduced from the roof and spreads down into the rest of your house.


Provides a longer lifespan

Though roof insulation can be costly, it is a worthy investment that prolongs its lifespan. Roofs without insulation are at risk for severe damage that comes from warping from extreme weather, affects the shingles over time and is prone to water leaks. The most popular types of insulation are spray foam and glass fiber matting, which are shown to provide a safeguard from these types of conditions. Make sure a professional installs the insulation properly so that it can ensure its purpose and keep your residential roof alive for longer.


If you have not added insulation to your roof or need an inspection, don’t hold off any longer. It is an investment you will not regret. We’ve got you covered!



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