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When Is It Time for a Siding Replacement

When Is It Time for a Siding Replacement

When Is It Time for a Siding Replacement

Unless significant damage occurs, knowing when to replace the siding on your home can be difficult, but if siding is left for too long it can create more of a headache than if it was replaced when it was supposed to be. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to tell when you should consider replacing your siding.


Look for damaged boards or panels - if you can see physical damage to your boards or panels, that probably means there is further damage, and you should consider getting it replaced. Be aware that there also could be more serious damage not yet discovered, such as that caused by insects like termites that are difficult to see. 


Check for cracks, fading and peeling from weather and time - these might seem like just cosmetic issues but you can never be sure what is going on underneath, similarly to if there is more significant damage as mentioned above. 


Look for water or moisture damage - rot, mold and other water damage can be a serious issue and is something you want to keep an eye out for. This type of damage is really important to replace or stop early before it spreads to other parts of the house. 


Inspect for interior damage - damage to the exterior of the home will ultimately lead to damage on the interior of the home. Check walls and ceilings in all rooms and if damage is found it’s time to act fast because that means the damage could impede your living space which is something you don’t want to deal with. 


Keep an eye on your bills - if your heating and cooling seems higher than usual it may be because there is damage to your siding, or damage further inside that is impacting your home’s insulation. Keep an eye on the costs and check for any damage if you see a consistent increase. 


Have an inspection done - if your home is old, hasn’t had the siding replaced or repaired recently, or the weather has been bad it can’t hurt to have a professional check out your home for damage. If issues are found they will be able to help you get the repairs you need sooner rather than later. 



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