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What to do when a tree falls on your roof

What to do when a tree falls on your roof

What to do when a tree falls on your roof

One usually never plans for an accident to happen until it actually does. On a stormy day, you notice the beautiful tree that stands outside your kitchen window, as you overlook while doing the dishes, is shifting left and right. You then realize it collapses and causes roof storm damage. So what do you do now? We help you in knowing what to do when unforeseen natural disasters like this and amongst many other situations occur. 


Evacuate Immediately 

Roof storm damage should be taken as a serious matter no matter how big or small the damage seems. Did you know that rooftop storm damage goes beyond roofing issues? The water that seeps in through any holes or cracks when a tree has fallen can pose electric shock. For safety reasons, yourself and everyone living in the residential or commercial area should evacuate immediately. Do not forget any pets, they matter too! 


Call Your Insurance 

If someone suffered any injuries, always call 911 first. In the case that there are no injuries, proceed to call your insurance company to discuss the incident, policy and file a claim. They may be able to cover expenses such as tree removal which can help lift some financial ease. In some cases, it may be the neighbor’s tree that fell onto your property. You should both exchange information and proceed to report the incident. Be sure to take pictures for proof of the damage and for records. Always keep your distance while taking pictures and making phone calls for your safety. Never go back inside to take pictures or pick up personal belongings as this can pose a risk to your safety. 


Get In Contact With a Roofing Contractor

Once you have called your insurance, call a roofing company with experts in roof storm damage and roof repairs. A roofing contractor will be able to quickly assess the problem and inspect all areas for damage. Depending on the severity of the roof storm damage, your roof may only need light repair such as replacing missing shingles or as extensive as needing to fix the structure. Your contractor will then determine if it is safe for you to go back inside. 


To avoid further roof storm damage in the future, be sure to have your roof inspected yearly for maintenance. A professional roofer will be able to check things like gutters and notice if any trees might need to be checked out by an arborist. 


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