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3 Common Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof


3 Common Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof


Another day, another leak. If this is becoming a part of your day-to-day life, maybe it’s time to start thinking about replacing your commercial roof.


This isn’t an easy decision. In fact, it’s pretty likely you’ve put off thinking about it because you know it’ll be a costly one. Unfortunately, many roofing issues can come on suddenly and be pretty costly and can even hinder your business. You wouldn’t want your business to stop just because you could have prevented your roof from having problems! 


But ultimately it’s for the best for you, your employees, your customers and your business if you replace your old roof with one that’s able to handle any and every outside element. We know this is a lot to think about, so here are a few common signs we suggest to look out for if you suspect you might be needing a new roof:



  1. You feel like the handyman is always here.

Your handyman is here so often fixing your roof that he might as well be a salaried employee. If your roof is running into leaks, cracks and crumbles enough to warrant having a handyman there to scope it out on a regular basis, it might be time to consider replacing the entire unit. It’s a daunting thought, but in the long run it’s best for your peace of mind and business operations—and wallet! Those repairs add up, and it’s better to know ahead of time that you will be having roof construction rather than running into it unexpectedly.


  1. It’s looking worse for wear.

Does your roof have missing shingles, cracks and other unsightly issues? Then for the sake of your business (and your eyes), it’s probably time to get a new one. While these issues look just like a worn-out roof to you, they’re actually indicative of some much larger issues that are happening underneath the surface. Things like torn up shingles or lifted up membranes can actually be more than a cosmetic issue. You think the outside of your roof looks bad? Imagine what it must look like underneath. It’s important to get a professional out there to inspect it and see what course of action they would recommend.


  1. It’s been awhile.

Your commercial roof has kept your business sheltered from the sun and all the elements for a long time. But unfortunately, sometimes it’s time to move on and replace things once we realize they’re wearing out. If your roof has been around for more than 20 years, then it’s probably time to schedule a consultation about installing a new one. After so many years of staying strong against heat, cold, snow, rain, hail and wind, there’s no need for more and more costly repairs—you just need to replace it.