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Spanish Fort, AL

Baldwin County has much to explore including a small American town known as Spanish Fort City. Its rich history provides tourists with insights into wars and a glimpse of everyday life for the locals. And while indoor activities take place, roofing companies like Alliance are hard at work making outdoor repairs and new construction builds.

Join in on the fun in a city packed with memorable moments! There is always something to do here as Alliance Roofing makes sure to stay busy by acquiring short and long term projects the city desires.

Historic sightings to see

Spanish Fort City holds many historic sightings that are easily recognizable and the most enjoyable by tourists who travel to specifically experience these land markings. As always, some of these sightings would not be standing without local roofing companies that help inspect and preserve their longevity. We take pride in our work amongst the many historic buildings. These historic sightings are also very informative with knowledgeable tour guides at your service. Be sure to look out for these locations:

  • Blakely State Park (included are Alabama's Civil War battlefield and cemetery)
  • Meaher State Park
  • Alligator Alley (offers tours of an alligator sanctuary in the Mobile River Delta)
  • Museums
  • Churches

Ride the tours

There are many boat tours you can ride along the Five Rivers. Each tour is dedicated to giving tourists the unique experience of both native and wildlife land.

  • Water sports included
  • Educational
  • Alligator sightings
  • Sunset views
  • Go on an excursion to see the beauty of the Mobile River Delta

Casual Activities

Residents of Spanish Fort City are not always soaking in the sun. This quaint town holds casual activities anyone can enjoy. Things like bowling, theatres, ax throwing, local shopping and spending time at the town center park while kids play on the playgrounds are some of the ways people like to unwind. Other group activities available with the purchase of tickets include:

  • Scavenger hunts (Annual Parades included)
  • Adventure walks

Search the shore trails

Make your way to a trail where you can walk, bike or hike. The Baldwin County Trailblazers are known for their bike-friendly and nature lover's oasis. Both locals and tourists tend to connect on their love for trails.

Mosaics, arts and paintings

Visiting one of Spanish Fort City's museums? One of the six Greek Orthodox Churches? You will quickly find jaw-dropping art forms throughout these architectural feats. Mosaics, photos, works of art and paintings make up all of these wonderful findings.

Enjoy Spanish Fort City by becoming a resident or starting a business. Let us install a roof or siding to keep everything intact. Contact our licensed company Alliance Roofing in Mobile and Baldwin Counties at (251) 580-7663. We offer free estimates on residential and commercial roofing.