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Signs Wind Has Damaged Your Roof

Signs Wind Has Damaged Your Roof

Strong winds are a common misconception for roof damage and are a lot more detrimental than one may think. That is because elements like a wind storm can cause a considerable amount of damage to your roof. Some believe that wind damage is just as bad as a regular storm even though water is not always involved. Though the signs of wind roof damage may not be more noticeable than others, do not neglect the most important part of your home. If you suspect any of the following signs listed below, wind damage roof repair will require immediate attention.


Cracked or Missing Shingles 

Strong winds call for easy cracks or missing shingles. If you walk around your property after the wind storm has passed, you may notice shingles on the ground or notice missing ones from afar. To see if the shingles are cracked, you might need to take a closer look by using a ladder. Remember to never put yourself at risk for injury, and contact a professional roofer to come and inspect the area instead.



Sometimes once a windstorm has passed, heavy or subtle rainfall follows thereafter. The combination of both of these weather conditions will cause tarnish to appear on the roof’s surface. Discoloring in your roof is a sign that leaks are of concern going forward because wind and water have begun to seep through. At this point, it is important to contact your local roofer to access wind damage repair. 


Loose Flashing and Siding

High winds are known to cause loose flashing and siding to occur. The material will move or fall apart usually at the corners of the roof or at the edges of the chimney, leaving loose nails behind. Flying debris and tree branches can also target the roof and strike towards the stress points of the roof. Pitched roofs become more susceptible to loose flashing because of the sloped structures. Loose flashing is harder to spot under the naked eye so it requires help from a licensed contractor. 


Dented or Clogged Gutters

When a wind storm occurs, one can usually hear the wind blowing from the inside and comfort of our home. Not knowing how much damage it is actually causing to the exterior of the roof is the scary part because we usually are not able to see it right away. Flying debris will hit the gutters causing dents and eventually build-up leaving behind a track. If the gutters are not cleaned out, rainwater will cause the gutters to clog causing an overflow of water and a leaky disaster. 


Trouble seeing wind roof damage?  A certified roof inspector will assess your roof in no time and make sure you receive top-notch quality repairs and services. We encourage you to protect your roof from the storm and contact our licensed company Alliance Roofing in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. We also offer free estimates on residential and commercial roofing. Call us now at 251-580-7663.