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Roofing Trends & What’s Popular

Roofing Trends & What’s Popular

Roofing Trends & What’s Popular


When it comes to the roofing industry, things don’t always have to stay the same! You might think that there’s only one kind of roof that we install, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our industry is just like any other — there’s always going to be changes, trends and innovations to keep up with. As an established roofing company in Mobile, AL, we have the pleasure of working on households and commercial businesses all year long to help with their roofing needs. Because we work with such a wide variety of residential and commercial roofs, we see a wide variety of trends throughout the years. Here are three of those top trends that we noticed in 2019, and plan to see more of in 2020:


Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is a recent trend that’s resurfaced among the roofing community. Despite what they might sound like, metal roofs look like any other traditional roof. People tend to gravitate towards them for their easy maintenance, as well as the fact that the metal material helps keep the internal temperature of the house cool by reflecting away the sun’s hot rays. These roofs look great and are extremely durable — we definitely expect to see a lot more of these this year!


Eco-Friendly Roofs (solar panels, green roofs)

This year we saw a shift toward a lot of eco-friendly roof options! People are opting for roofs made from more eco-friendly or recycled materials, or roofs that allow them to use less energy in their house by reflecting away the sun’s rays. You’ve probably heard of solar panels, which are also becoming a big trend in the roofing industry as more and more people search for alternative energy sources for their home or business. There’s even been an influx in green roofs, which can absorb rainwater, lower temperatures inside the home, and increase the biodiversity of neighborhoods.


Flat Roofs

We know that the minimalist trend is what’s “in” inside of the home, but did you know that it’s a trend for the outside of your house too? As more minimalistic styles become popular across the country, we are seeing more homes and businesses opt for a flat roof style of design. These roofs are very basic, modern and clean. They’re nice for a newer home because they allow for a lot of possibilities — you can keep your roof flat, turn it into a deck, put solar panels up there… the possibilities are endless. Plus, they’re more economically friendly than a lot of other roof options!


Now you’ve heard it directly from us at Alliance Roofing — three of the hottest trends in roofing! While these roofing options might be the most popular trends of the moment, we at Alliance Roofing will also be able to provide a more traditional, classic roofing option for your home or business. These are just a few of the biggest trends we’ve seen so far, but there’s so much of 2020 left — we’ll surely see a few more trendsetters come up before the end of the year!