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New Roof Installation

New Roof Installation

If you are looking for a professional team to install a new roof on your residential or commercial property, Alliance Roofing is ready to assist you.

With our 26 years of expertise, we can deliver a high-quality roof using the best professional and durable materials. Our experts are local and make it their mission to provide the community with the best roofing services.

Roof installations are most commonly needed by contractors in charge of new buildings or houses, but aging and damaged structures need them as well. Alliance Roofing is happy to help no matter the situation. New roofs are needed on aging buildings as the structure deteriorates over time, but as long as your roof has proper care and repairs every now and then, you will not need a new roof until your home is much older. Roofs that are constantly damaged, without repairs or updates, are more likely to need to be fully replaced. Damage can come from storms, hurricanes, hail or other natural events. Alliance Roofing recommends getting your roof checked regularly to ensure no damage has occurred that is unseen on the surface.

Alliance Roofing offers free estimates to determine a plan for your roof. If our experts recommend a new roof, they will guide you through the process. First, our crew removes your old roofing and evaluates the structure. From there, we install drip edges, a barrier to protect against ice and water and roofing underlayment installation. Our clients have the choice of asphalt, concrete or metal roofing shingles. Asphalt roofs are favored for durability, longevity, color, texture and, most importantly, they are budget friendly. Concrete roofs rarely have to be replaced, have weather-proof attributes and are most commonly used for commercial properties. Metal roofs lower cooling cost by 10-25%, are incredibly environmentally friendly and are the most durable.

Here at Alliance Roofing, our professionals are available to help you make the best decision for your residential or commercial roof. With experience and high-quality tools, Alliance Roofing is the best team to help you with roof installations. Once you call us for your free estimate, we waste no time in setting up an action plan. Alliance Roofing is able to do our job in a timely manner. After the installation, we schedule times to check on your roof annually, and we also recommend a check up after bad storms, hurricanes or hail.

At Alliance Roofing, we treat our customers like family, so if you believe something is wrong with your roof, call us today at 251-580-7663 and receive a free estimate from a team you can trust.