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Mobile, AL

Mobile, Alabama, is a stunning port city located on the beautiful Gulf Coast on the southernmost parts of Alabama. The city is one of the Gulf Coast's cultural centers. You may know Mobile for being the birthplace of Mardi Gras or for its vast historical past and architecture. Founded in 1702, Mobile encompasses a broad melting pot for business and commercial commerce. The city has experienced significant growth in population, economy and culture over the years. Forbes placed Mobile, Alabama, in the top 200 cities for Best Places for Business and Careers in 2019.

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For over 30 years the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce has aided the city in the most economic development growth the city has seen. Within the last decade, the Chamber of Commerce’s efforts has invested over $8 billion in capital investment for the city. As the city grows, it has become easier for small and local businesses to expand and broaden their goods and services for the public. Mobile has a collection of industry development with aviation/aerospace, chemical, healthcare, maritime, oil and gas, steel, foreign based companies and many more clusters that benefit the city. By continuing Mobile’s momentum, it has the potential to grow into a massive economic powerhouse city.

Mobile Bay Bridge

Being located on the coast has brought many factors for Mobile. With close attractions like the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Mobile is a short drive to a tropical paradise! You can also choose to cruise and experience the natural beauty of the Mobile Bay that the city settles on. The city's main attraction, Mardi Gras, is a carnival event that dates back hundreds of years and has been celebrated every year since in Mobile and all across the Gulf Coast. Other than Mardi Gras, the city has numerous ways you can experience Mobile's literature, music, art, cuisine and so much more.

Along with the beautiful weather you can find in this city on the Gulf Coast, you can experience the not-so-beautiful weather Mobile faces every year. The summers can be blistering hot and the winters can be piercing cold. Mobile is also ranked the rainiest city in the United States by WorldAtlas.com. That’s why it is so important to make sure your family and home are prepared for this ever-changing weather Mobile offers. There are a few things you can do to help prepare the roof of your home for Mobile’s fluctuating weather:


  1. Annual inspections and making necessary repairs can help you protect the investment you made on your home. A simple hole can lead to larger problems and can cost you more than you intended to spend on roofing repairs and inspections.
  2. Make sure any debris is cleared off your roof before the weather hits. Extra debris can accumulate and can weigh your roof down causing it to become weaker over time. Make sure gutters are clear for water and debris to flow down off of your roof when weather strikes.
  3. Inspect your roof after major temperature and weather fluctuation. Roofs should be inspected for damaged shingles or missing cracks.

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