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Leaky Roof? 5 Quick Fixes to Hold You Over Until You Contact Your Roofer

Leaky Roof? 5 Quick Fixes to Hold You Over Until You Contact Your Roofer

Leaky Roof? 5 Quick Fixes to Hold You Over Until You Contact Your Roofer

A leaky roof is bound to happen. It can be a household inconvenience or disastrous for your commercial space if not taken care of right away. You may begin to notice it early on with noticeable signs such as peeling and cracking in the ceiling. So what do you do in the case that it happens as you predicted it would or without notice? The first thing to do is contact a roofer immediately. Here are five quick fixes to hold your over until you contact your roofer for a repair.


1. Catch Any Falling Water

Your leaky roof might start with a few drops of water falling. You may think it's just water! But even though it may seem like a little bit of spillage and may not need your full attention, you should not ignore it. The last thing you want to happen is to let the water accumulate and begin damaging your floors or any valuable furniture around the area. Make sure you catch any water falling by placing a large bucket on the floor under the water source. This also prevents you or anyone in your family from accidentally slipping.


2. Clean Gutters

Most people will be surprised to see how much of a difference cleaning gutters can make if you have a leaky roof. Leaves and debris can clog up water and allow the water to trickle its way into the shingles and through any nail holes. If you aren’t afraid of heights, you may want to take that ladder and make your way to the top to clear off the accumulation of leaves. Though cleaning gutters is just a temporary solution, you will need a professional to get the proper roof repair and find the actual source of where the water is coming from.


3. Use Caulking 

A common temporary roof repair is the use of caulking for small holes. We recommend you use the caulking method but hold off on adding more security to larger holes and seek a professional roofing company such as Alliance Roofing LLC.


4. Clip Shiner Nails 

The clipping of the shiner nails method is good to use when you cannot pinpoint where the leak is coming from exactly but notice stains instead. All you have to do is locate any shiner nails situated at the underside of the roof, such as your attic. The term “frosty white” nails are used to differentiate which nails are considered the shiners because, as the name says, they shine. Consider using side-cutting pliers to do so.


5. Removing Shingles

Removing shingles is a repair method used when it is hard to find the leaks. By doing so, you can quickly look for signs of wear and tear by searching for stains or rotting. Remember, any temporary repair method is only intended for quick fixes once you have located the water source but should be handled by a professional for further inspection.

Let us give you a quote today! Contact Alliance Roofing LLC in Mobile and Baldwin Counties immediately if you are noticing signs of a roof leak. We offer free estimates on residential and commercial roofing.