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How to Repair Siding on a House

How to Repair Siding on a House

How to Repair Siding on a House

If the siding on your home is looking dull, discolored, worn, has holes, is warped, has cracks or has slight damage from a storm it can be an eyesore. When this happens, it’s good to consider repairing the siding to keep your home looking nice. Repairing siding that isn’t badly damaged can be a quick and easy job. 

Damage on the outside of the home could mean damage further in on the structure. Before the repairs start you will want to make sure there is no further damage underneath the siding. Things to look for include cracks, weather damage, rot, mold and interior damage. If you aren’t quite sure what to be looking for, it’s best to have a professional come to assess the situation. Leaving damage for too long could cause bigger issues which will lead to more costly repairs in the future. 

Once you’ve assessed the situation and it’s been determined there is no additional damage or issue that needs to be worked on, it’s time to repair the faded or damaged siding. Small sections of siding can be replaced either with new siding or with a small piece of the existing siding, cut from an inconspicuous place. If you do choose to use an existing piece as a patch, you will want to replace the spot you took it from with new siding to keep the home protected. To keep your home looking sharp, we recommend having a professional help you pick new siding to match the existing style and color of your home.

Actually replacing the siding will include cutting and removing the existing siding as well as the nails holding it in place, attaching the new siding and securing it in place. While it seems simple, this process can be quite tedious unless you are a trained professional. Additionally, if your home has waterproof siding you may harm the integrity of the siding if the repair is not done properly, which means water could leak into the home and cause damage. 


If you live in Mobile County or Baldwin County and need the siding on your home repaired or replaced, be sure to call Alliance Roofing. We provide fast and affordable services and our professionally trained team of experts will be able to help you choose from a variety of siding styles and brands, repair siding and install new siding.