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How to check for roof damage

How to check for roof damage

How to check for roof damage


Roofs are known to withstand typical wear and tear throughout the years. But, is there a way to know when roof damage has been made? There are ways one can check for signs of roof damage yourself, or you can have a professional roofer come in to thoroughly inspect it for an accurate diagnosis. It is always recommended to check for annual roof damage by having an inspection completed once or twice a year. For all other times, look out for these warning signs.


Notice for Visible Damage

Visible roof damage can be seen both indoors and outdoors. From inside the home, one may quickly notice leaks, water stains, or growing mold and mildew, plus excess moisture coming from walls, ceilings or the attic. If you stand outside your home or business facility, cracked or uniform patterns from shingles may stand out from afar. Curling shingles on corners occur because of poor ventilation. Dark and wet marks occur when moisture seeps through the layers of shingles making them visible on the outer layer and eventually carry out throughout other parts of the roof. While all these signs are very common, it is a clear indication that roof damage is present, but that roofing repair needs to be done as soon as possible.


Check After a Strong Storm

Living near the Gulf Coast calls for usual heavy storm conditions near the Mobile, AL area. Any kind of storm, including brutal winds, can strike without a weather advisory. It is best to check for roof damage after a strong storm has fully cleared for safety reasons. You may notice hail causing dents on metal roofs, gutters or any surrounding plastic surfaces. Hail damage might be hard to check for especially if your roof is a higher-level tier. Avoid using a ladder to check for roof damages and call a roofer instead.


Proof of Poor Flashing Conditions

Proof of poor flashing conditions is not as visible. It can show up in the form of rotting material within the meeting edges of the exterior roof, sidewalls and windows. Also seen on shingles, be sure to check for rust (if possible), corrosion, holes, bends, damaged siding, plus more. Flashing can show up on the inside of fireplaces and windows as leaks, as well. Since actual proof of poor flashing conditions is hard to notice, a licensed contractor can take a look beyond the structure to determine the repair of a damaged roof.


Let us inspect your roof today for roof damage or schedule your yearly inspection. Contact our licensed company, Alliance Roofing in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. We offer free estimates on residential and commercial roofing.