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How hurricanes/bad weather impact your roof

How hurricanes/bad weather impact your roof

How hurricanes/bad weather impact your roof

When a storm hits, it can sometimes sound like the roof is being ripped off right over your head, and sometimes it is. Most of the time, roof damage from storms isn’t as severe as this, but it’s good to know what types of damage a storm can do and how that could impact your roof and home.

Exterior Damage

Sometimes the damage done to your roof is relatively surface level. This might mean the top part of your roof is damaged in some way but the damage doesn’t go through to the interior of the home.

It’s important to have any roof damage checked by a professional, even if you think it’s just exterior damage. There may be further damage you cannot see and sometimes surface-level damage can lead to a weak roof and costly repairs later on.

Cracks, Holes and Leaks

Some storms may cause your roof to have cracks and holes in it, which leads to leaks in your home. This type of damage might look small at first or even not appear for some time.

Oftentimes when there’s an actual crack or hole in your roof, you will have water come in the next time it rains. Having a water leak into your home can cause sufficient damage to the interior of the home like mold, rot, warped floorboards, a damaged ceiling and more.

In addition to water being able to get into your home, this new hole allows air to flow indoors and outdoors. This means your cold air made by an air condition unit or your warm air from heaters is being let out. This could cause your AC or heat to work overtime, resulting in higher heating and cooling bills.

Major Damage

Large storms like hurricanes can cause some major damage to your roof. This damage could be caused by heavy rain, large hail, wind and even debris. Major damage should be inspected as soon as it is safe to do so.

Major damage is something you need to get fixed right away, as it may have ruined the integrity of the roof and will most likely lead to further damage to the home if not taken care of quickly.


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