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Getting your roof ready for winter

Getting your roof ready for winter

Getting your roof ready for winter


Deck more than just the halls this winter season and start getting your residential or commercial roof ready for winter. As winter nears, we tend to spend more time inside, giving us more time to take care of small projects around our home/business. It is recommended to get a head start before the brutal climate hits as it can be dangerous to keep up with maintenance during abnormal weather conditions.


Start with the gutters.

Gutters and drainpipes are part of a roof system. By keeping them clean, you can avoid snow accumulating and ice dams from melting and seeping into the siding and foundation. You can also add gutter guards or add-ons such as brackets to help protect from common weight-bearing disturbance and feeble structures. If you want to double-check your gutters are ready for winter, make sure to call a roofer to inspect before winter begins. 


Inspect your attic for insulation/ventilation

Neglecting to check your attic for proper insulation and ventilation can pose a risk on how your roof performs during the winter months. Without proper airflow, ice dams can begin to form on the roof with the heat coming from the attic. Be sure to inspect and look out for these two steps both by reinforcing the insulation and keeping sufficient ventilation.  


Repair broken shingles

Residential roofing and commercial roofing are prone to have broken or chipped shingles. If shingles are not repaired on time, it can create a leaky mess. Make sure you also look out for the flashing part of the roof as this can also cause damages if not repaired properly. During an inspection, a contractor roofer can take a look to see if there are any peeling shingles. 


Trim trees as needed

Trees covered in snow may look like a winter wonderland from the outside, but with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, the tree’s branches can easily fall and damage your roof. Even if you already have insurance that may cover tree damage, it is important to trim trees as needed. Look for any tree limbs that touch the side of your home or commercial roofing


Call in an expert

Get cozy by the fireplace and call in an expert to inspect the residential roofing or commercial roofing you need so that it can be ready by winter. This way you will have time to be with guests and know that any roofing issues will be addressed. 


Let us give you a quote today! Contact our licensed company, Alliance Roofing, in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. We offer free estimates on residential and commercial roofing.