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Frequently Asked Questions That Homeowners Ask About Their Roof

Frequently Asked Questions That Homeowners Ask About Their Roof

Frequently Asked Questions That Homeowners Ask About Their Roof

There is no need to stray away from questions that may seem obvious as a homeowner because well, we have heard it all! If you are confused or simply want to look over frequently asked questions about your roof, here are the most common ones. 


  1. Why is my roof leaking and where is it coming from? 

Roof leakage is a potential code word for water damage and other damages as well. There are many underlying conditions that could explain the cause of leakage of your roof but finding the source will help crack down the problem. If you are not familiar or comfortable with accessing your roof and finding the source yourself, we can come in as professionals to find where it is coming from and stop it from damaging your roof any further. In the case of an emergency, we suggest you check out these temporary quick-fixes until you can get a hold of us. 


  1. Can I install roof shingles on my own?

Loose or missing roof shingles is very common. Replacing them however, requires a good amount of roof knowledge, physical endurance and proper tools at hand. You may even find yourself needing extra help if the damage is worse than expected. While we highly recommend that you consider hiring a professional, if you feel confident to install shingles yourself you can certainly do so. Many find this DIY method to be a money-saving bargain and a temporary solution until a professional inspection is initiated. 


  1. Does the type of material I choose for my roof matter? 

This question is just as important as knowing your roof needs insulation. Roofing insulation has many advantages such as temperature control, energy efficiency and longer life spans. When it comes down to the type of material for your roof, there is a variety to choose from. However, a professional can narrow down important factors such as knowing the loading on the roof, extent of durability and the type of design you want. Any material will require maintenance throughout time but metal is known to be longer-lasting compared to other roof materials. 


  1.  My roof insulation is pretty old, but I cannot afford to replace it. Should I keep holding off until I can? 

We want you to prioritize the most underrated part of your home. Holding off on repairing your roof can worsen the longevity of it. Which is why we offer financing options through a program exclusively available through our company. The process is simple! Once you’re pre-qualified, then you're on your way to installing the roof your home or commercial space needs. 

Let us give you a quote today! Contact our licensed company Alliance Roofing in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. We offer free estimates on residential and commercial roofing.