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Fairhope, AL

Fairhope is a charming town and for many good reasons! It holds an interesting history that can best be explored through the Fairhope Museum of History. Or, you can choose to stay at a nearby hotel or inn to get a better feel of the surrounding Mobile Bay.


Fairhope is a family-friendly town. Even on the most celebrated holiday during Mardi Gras, the festival is filled with lively music, vibrant and fun floats during the summertime. Parks and other fun water activities are scheduled each year. You can also join to watch classic films right in the cinemas.

Dining options

This scenic city has dining options for days.

  • A diverse culture of food
  • Local breweries
  • Serving farm-fresh
  • Bars
  • Fine cuisine
  • Ice cream shops

With a bayfront view, fine wine and good eats, who would not want to benefit from a delightful experience?

Shop Down Main Avenues and Streets

Support small businesses as you walk past boutiques and vintage shops on well-known avenues and streets. You can also find:

  • High-end brands
  • Gift shops
  • Jewelry shops
  • Coffee shops
  • Wine stores
  • Handmade supplies
  • Art and collectibles
  • Thrift stores

Keeping the City Alive

Fairhope keeps its visitors coming back and leaves residents astonished by the well-kept buildings, museums and parks. The weather in Fairhope varies, but mostly rain and wind are the main cause of roof repairs. Did you know? In 2019 a water spout or tornado was spotted near Fairhopeover the Mobile Bay according to the local weather service channel? Luckily, no damage was reported, but roofing companies like Alliance Roofing are ready to prepare for last-minute emergencies. They help maintain repairs and make new install projects for those that need it most.

Nature at Fairhope

Nature around Fairhope Pier consists of older oak trees, captivating moss and the bay that flows along the Eastern Shore. It is not uncommon to spot water spouts, especially during rainy seasons, which can indicate strong winds blowing through the area.

By having an annual inspection made on your property by your local roofer, you can help protect your business or home before it happens. In the case that there is a weather-related problem and you are a visitor, Alliance Roofing, LLC will respond quickly and promptly to make sure you are safe and that the organization maintains its roof in good shape.

Planning on living in Fairhope City or own a business nearby? Let us install a roof or siding to keep everything intact. Contact our licensed company Alliance Roofing, LLC in Mobile and Baldwin Counties at (251) 580-7663. We offer free estimates on residential and commercial roofing.