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Common Types of Roof Damage

Common Types of Roof Damage

Common Types of Roof Damage

Has that “uh-oh” moment happened yet with your roof? Whether it happens during a yearly inspection, you just went through a storm or you happen to have noticed other visible signs, have no fear, it is more common than you think! Check out these common types of damages and what you can expect. 


Water Damage

Nope. You aren’t dreaming. You quickly notice a leaky roof with little to large amounts of water droplets coming down. And, although the damage is visibly noticeable, finding the source can be quite tricky. Also, the damage can go further than just the ceiling and can end up causing much more damage than you think. For quick fixes to hold you over until you can call your roofer, click here


Mold and Mildew Damage

Mold and mildew damage may seem like an ugly surprise but the reasoning behind it is pretty simple. There could be temperature control problems along with a need for roof insulation. When moisture is trapped, condensation will build-up, therefore, creating a surge in temperature change. This type of damage is very common amongst basements and attics and can also be caused by a leak. 


Broken/Missing Shingle Damage

Another common type of roof damage is broken or missing shingles. Severe weather and old aging of foundation plays a big role. Broken shingles can be caused from different factors but include structural problems or storm damage the most. We recommend repairing the damaged roof shingles with the help of a professional roofer. They will also be able to advise you on any other damage they may come across. 


Outworn Siding 

Did you know that siding from a building can also become worn out due to weather conditions over time? Just how a roof is susceptible to damage, the siding on your home or business is no different. Over time, siding material becomes dull and should be repaired by a professional to maintain a proper framework like vinyl or clapboard. If you need your siding replaced or repaired, trust the professionals are Alliance Roofing.


Tree Damage 

Outdoor cosmetics and landscaping help give your home an appealing look. However, that tree that gives you the right amount of shade can also damage your roof. When the wind blows, naturally branches begin to fall off. These branches can then scrape or damage shingles, thus causing the nails to come off and eventually leave a hole. Water can then seep through these holes causing pipes to rust or nasty roof leaks. It is also common for an entire tree to fall due to severe weather onto your outdoor lot or even worse, your property. Sometimes taking down an entire tree is the best option especially if the tree is located near your home and has the potential to fall during rough weather. 

Let us give you a quote today! Contact our licensed company Alliance Roofing in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. We offer free estimates on residential and commercial roofing. We’ve got you covered.