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Common Maintenance for Commercial Roofs

Common Maintenance for Commercial Roofs

Common Maintenance for Commercial Roofs

Calling all business owners! It is time for the long-awaited task: completing maintenance on your commercial roof. With summertime already here, you want to make sure your facility is up and running from the ground up. Even the simplest procedures will make a big difference in keeping your roof strong for the rest of the summer season. See common maintenance that should be performed frequently on your commercial roof below.


Trimming Trees

Many business owners like to add greenery such as trees to their outdoor commercial buildings. It is recommended you trim any excess tree branches. Any larger trees should be taken down professionally. Trees are a nice cosmetic feature, especially during the summer, but remember that severe weather such as thunderstorms and wind can make trees fall or leave debris behind and severely damage the roof. If this is the case, you will need a professional contractor to come and repair your commercial roof


Cleaning Debris 

With larger surface areas to cover in commercial roofing, there is more debris that naturally falls onto the roof, especially if your building surrounds high traffic areas, like a highway. Cleaning the debris on your commercial roof will prevent material from blowing away and scratching or cracking your roof. It will also help maintain a clean worksite and reduce any insurance liabilities in the case of an employee being injured. For you and everyone’s safety, cleaning of debris should be done by a professional that is equipped with the tools and equipment needed to reach high buildings and roofs. 



The use of proper insulation for commercial roofing is a beneficial and necessary part of common maintenance. There are different types of insulation that are required depending on the overall age of the building or by mandated code. To help control temperature better in your building and increase the lifespan of your roof, a contractor is required to complete the service. 


Bi-annual Inspection

While it may seem obvious, we strongly encourage you to maintain a bi-annual maintenance inspection for commercial roofs. By calling a professional, this ensures that problematic areas (if any apply) are called out, such as finding any form of structural damages. Most of the time, owners will find out their roof has a minor problem, but it is better to detect early on then to wait and allow it to get worse with time. 

Need help with completing common maintenance on your commercial roof? No problem! Contact our team at Alliance Roofing in Mobile and Baldwin County for a free estimate! We have you covered!