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Commercial Roofer vs. Residential Roofer

Commercial Roofer vs. Residential Roofer

Commercial Roofer vs. Residential Roofer

Hiring a professional to repair or re-roof your commercial building or residential area is a beneficial service that will last you in the long run. If you find yourself in need of either type of service or want to know more about the differences that roofers make while on the job, we are here to help break it down. 


Commercial Roofer

Commercial roofers are contractors that work to make sure your roof from your building stands strong no matter the circumstance, through repairing shingles, installing new metal material or simply repairing damage caused by mother nature. We strongly suggest you research the company you want to work with beforehand and have an inspection done. After the inspection is made, your commercial roofer will talk to you through the construction process and discuss any modifications if applicable. 


A commercial roofer generally faces more workload compared to working on your average residential home because commercial roofers have to cover larger areas, need to make sure everything is up to code and ensure that the quality of the manufactured products gives a lasting end result towards the facility. Although they have more workload, many business owners find it rewarding to know commercial roofers work with a full team ready to take on any projects at a faster pace. There may be times when custom components and materials are necessary, and commercial roofers will know exactly how to construct proper protocol. 


Residential Roofer

It is easier said than done when homeowners want to take on the task of maintaining their roof system on their own. Finding someone trustworthy who will look out for your property’s roof just as much as you do is the main reason why many choose to work with residential roofers


A residential roofer does many similar tasks as a commercial roofer with strong attention to detail. They are able to work around your budget, give you an overview of suggested plans/upgrades for your roof and even repair damaged or worn siding. Residential roofers are aware of your concerns as a homeowner and your right to private property. Their reputable and knowledgeable decades of expertise make any emergency or long awaited leaky roof an easy fix under any conditions. Any roofer will assure you that repairing your roof is not just a high-quality service, but an investment that will grow your property value. 

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